Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Golden City Brewery

Golden Colorado boasts a number of gems, but one of my favorites is the Golden City Brewery.  (920 12th Street)  The brewery is located in a residential area of Golden, just a couple of blocks off Washington street - the main street in town.  Beer is brewed in the machine shop behind the owner’s home.  Their carriage house has become a small tasting room, and their back yard is the beer garden.   I’ve been going there for about nine years, and the popularity of the place has increased as the trees in the beer garden have matured.  It is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, or relax after a day’s work.  Since it is in a residential neighborhood, they stop selling beer promptly at 6:30 pm, and patrons are encouraged to leave by 7:00 pm.   If you’re lucky, one of the taproom tenders will sing a couple of songs in the garden as everyone finishes their last round.  My friend Matt Rubin captured one such occasion on his cell phone camera.  This night it was a song called “Mary Mac.”

Golden City Brewery touts itself as “the second largest brewery in Golden.”  I heard they once claimed to be the largest brewery in Golden since Coors is not inside the city limits, but I can’t verify that claim.  (please comment if you have any information on this)  Legend has it that Coors forced them to drop the claim, which led to their current marketing line.  Anyway, next time you're in Golden stop by for a copule pints and a relaxing atmosphere.

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