Monday, May 11, 2009

American Craft Beer Week

This entry is a quick reminder that this week (May 11-17th) is American Craft Beer Week - a national celebration of craft beer and the great beer culture we have here in America.  A number of breweries will be hosting special tastings, tours, meet-the-brewmaster events, and tapping specialty beers.

I plan on celebrating this week with the following schedule:

Wednesday: I've volunteered to bring beer this week for our softball team.  So after the game Team Fletch will be drinking Montana Mixer beers from Big Sky Brewing out of the bottle instead of PBR out of the can.

Thursday: Along with some friends, I will be visiting the Golden City Brewery for some late afternoon pints in the beer garden.  The Golden City Brewery is the "second largest brewery in Golden."  The largest brewery in Golden is, of course, Coors (in the world for that matter), and the third largest brewery in Golden is in my basement.

Friday: Where else, the Wynkoop!

More information about Craft Beer Week can be found at Don't forget to support your local breweries... and have fun!


  1. Cody, I just visited Harpoon Brewery in Boston and sampled their new Pilsner. Any chance we will taste a pilener at SBM?


  2. The closest thing to a Pilsner at SBM will be Coors Light unfortunately. You'll have to settle for Paulaner Oktoberfest or one of my Ales! I'm glad you liked the Harpoon Brewery.


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